Woman is second to man Like Chinese said 男人是女人的全部 女人是男人的部份, woman is second to man, not mention those stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals; therefore, man needs to know that any woman loyal to him cannot help him to grow, cannot help him to do better; only the woman loyal to God c 買屋an. And woman loyal to God must not be hired to act or do like a whore to side with any man like Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton, Thatcher had showed up on stage or in any place. She is a woman to act like a man, sh 設計裝潢e committed "自.7.7.人." crime. Woman to manage every thing for man can only make man become like useless pet cat; because man rely on woman is an acting like Chinese said "Sway.Won.Shot.6.", man must hire man to work for him to get the 辦公室出租first class brain cells to exchange the good idea to help each other build up better future. Woman is physical weak like Chinese said "弱女", therefore woman is useless to help man made form, woman can only helpful to man when she's free minded under Go 租辦公室d's love to tell him the formless above the form or to alert him her concerns as per her six sense.Man rely on woman's loyalty, even genius "MouJerDong", most loyal woman "John.Chin" ended sadly "成事不足 敗事有餘", not mention stupid bad ugly evil George Bush junior with stupid 新成屋bad ugly evil Condi Rice; therefore, you should know that how communist must not afford to mess up with stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals. Because MouJerDong - "John Chin" had much more respectful strength and good sense unselfish will (Because I know had "John.Chin" got the chance to hear my w 買屋ords, she would have had no problem to step down to make MouJerDong to order every woman to do like her to live inside self's simple private life immediately. How could genius MouJerDong not seeing this point? He must have had indeed noticed this issue and may have had actually discussed with "John.Chin", too bad "Whore.Swa 賣房子y" is worse than real female animal does not have the good will to respect man's freedom to choose his love therefore "1.Shower.人之.Sin.Do.君子之.Fool" reacted with "Cold.Cold.Hard" doubted with"冷宮"Plot. Communist is lawless, Godlessly, honesty is the only toppest principle, therefore, MouJerDong did not have lawful title or "Bi.Ten.Deed" ceremo 裝潢ny to secure "John.Chin" doubt, so called strong woman- the female dressed animals cannot like real woman rely on "1.Cool.2.Now.3.上 吊." to trust her man like a normal love married wife supposed to let him "Fun.Saw.Gun.".) than stupid bad ugly evil George Bush junior and Condi Rice, how come USA can stand their stupid bad ugly evil while Communist China failed. "女 澎湖民宿人強.Chu.頭." must go to hell, no matter what name you have been named, no exception. You are human being real woman, you must have the good will to love or 逆來順受 God's will, not to act like "Chu.Sheng" to do the female addressed animals's "強.Chu.tall".   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .
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